China market

Knowing the extraordinary possibilities of this fast developing market, we proudly offer our more than two year experience dealing with the wine business in China. Our cooperation being in both directions, that is selling and developing a wine Brand in China as well as helping chinese wineries and wine projects, we definitely consider ourselves the best partner to help a China oriented Project. Our experience include already work in Beijing Area, Shanghai Area, Liaoning, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang… and numerous contacts. We are proud to be considered a “Special Agent” which includes publishing prescribing articles for a major Wine Magazine.

European wineries and facilities

We offer advice and consistant networking to establish a sales oriented partnership system in China. Market surveys, wine promotion activities, sales, importer and distribution search, market development, personal relationships… any need is within our reach.

Chinese Wineries and Wine Projects

We offer honest advice and solid know how based on our 25 year experience in the wine business acquired in Spain, France, United States, Australia and all major wine consuming countries in the world.

Our major fields of cooperation include organizing visits to major wineries and wine regions in Europe, technical advice for growing grapes and making wine, grape purchasing, wine marketing and promotion, food and wine pairing, new facility’s construction, winery establishment and management, partnership search, customized projects and more. Do not hesitate to ask.

In Depth: