Meet Oriol Guevara

Oriol Guevara is a global winery advisor, set in Spain, leading projects all over the world.

With a deep academic background from his studies in California, France and Barcelona, he has developed a succesful professional career in wineries from different parts of the globe, including USA, Australia, France and recently China.

He has special knowledge on the development of viticulture in extreme climate conditions, ranging from the coldest areas of France to the hotest in Australia. This gives the capacity of advising in the rising of new viticulture settles, and its wine production.

A global wine making vision

This on-field skills are also linked to the knowledge of wine market, which helps also in the development of the right marketing strategy based on the land, its grapes and winery possibilities

Finally, Oriol Guevara is the former CEO of the governmental organization that controls and impulses the wine sector in Catalonia, Spain, and has been also the president of the catalan winemakers association, representing more than 400 professionals.

This wide range of experiences is providing Oriol Guevara with a deep and solid knowledge of the sector from all points of view: from the land to the market, and from the wine making professionals to the public administration.

In Depth: