Product development & planning

Markets, strategies, economic circumstances sometimes lead to a change in existing products:

  • Research, development & implementation: Often new strategies are the result of in depth studies of the reality to ponder about adequate products. We accompany the exploitations in the process to figure suitable procedures and products after a scientific method aplication. Once new products are designed, the marketing, its controls and the feed back from customers become necessary to reach success.
  • New plantations: To plan new strategies can often mean new plantations. Wether it is the result of research or just a decided movement we offer advice on new vineyard guidance focussing on soil analysis, preparation, rootstocks, grape varieties, vineyard management…
  • New wines: Planning for new wines require concise counseling. New wines must not only be the best possible processing of a vineyard but also an accurate selection for a market. We offer to lead wineries in such pathway.

In Depth: