Viticulture & Oenology Consultants

Domaine implementation

Start ups require knowledge and experience in both technique and paperwork.

We ensure satisfactory work towards the objective of setting up a vineyard and a winery to start presence on a market helping ownership to define objectives.


Day to day advice to achive ultimate quality of grapes. The right quality for the right wine target.

We thoroughly walk the vineyards and do external research when necessary to achieve the goal in terms  of fruit sanitary condition, fruit quality, vineyard management, grape sales, applied research, implemented features, new technology through satellite …


Everyday right decisions converge in target wine segment and sales. It is not sufficient but absolutely necessary.

We ensure knowledgeable decisions and advice according to desired target. We also advice on premises maintenance and bringing up to date to adapt to new market or environment.

We help wineries adapt to more sustainable approaches and ecofriendly processes.

In Depth: